To assist corporate, governmental, educational, and nonprofit entities in becoming best in class, LGH offers a variety of consulting and training services. Thousands of participants representing more than 200 diverse organizations have utilized the proven methodologies of our approach. Finding ways for groups to be more effective working together to overcome shared challenges has been central to our mission and expertise for decades.

Consulting Services — Discover how our varied, field-proven strategies can address the specific needs that matter to your organization.

Programs & Workshops — Explore the range of leadership training and programming available for organizations of all sizes and industries; of course, our programs can be tailored to meet your specific goals.

Hartford Encounters — Engage your team and augment your retention efforts with informative, interactive tours that highlight what’s important to your organization’s role in the community.

Enneagram Personality Profiler — Unlock a more complete and actionable understanding of the different personalities and behaviors that influence the collective success of any group. Transform your teamwork.

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