When something meets something different, it is called “the verge.” The sea meets the shore; the forest edges the plain; the workplace opens after we have sheltered in place. In the verge, old ways of leading don’t work, and new ways have yet to be discovered.  It is simultaneously scary, unsettling and exciting; leaders feel responsible, unprepared and often alone, but this time of transition is when and where innovation happens. The Verge provides the time and space for leaders to listen to each other, support each other and find new ways of living, working and leading together.

Sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and facilitated by Dr. Doe Hentschel, LGH Leadership Preceptor, participation by senior leaders in organizations from all sectors is by invitation only. Contact Dr. Doe at doe.hentschel@leadershipgh.org for information

  • “The most significant outcome is knowing smart and interesting people I did not know before, and hearing their perspectives.  The weekly nature had us on a good path toward becoming a trusting group. I found myself looking forward to colleagues’ thoughts and experiences a great deal, and valuing everyone."

    Teri Schrader
    Teri Schrader Head, Watkinson School

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  • “The diversity of the viewpoints in the group was broad enough to expand my perspective and the group was small enough to allow for the openness and freedom of thought and  expression that was required. I was particularly surprised by how quickly the group seemed to accept that this was a safe zone for speaking their minds, sharing their fears, and seeking help and understanding."

    Kent Schwendy
    Kent Schwendy CEO, CIL

Term: July-August
Target: Senior leaders
Location: Zoom

For more information, please
contact Dr. Doe Hentschel.

Doe Hentschel
Leadership Preceptor

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