Summer Nexus

For many teens, their high school is their world. Summer Nexus gives high schoolers a chance to broaden their horizons, build relationships with students from different communities, appreciate different points of view, and still be part of something uniquely their own.

  • “Summer Nexus opened my eyes to the community around me and has given me a better understanding of myself. I can confidently say that I am not the same person I was when I started this program.”

    West Hartford student (age 17)
    West Hartford student (age 17)

This week-long program, helps young adults develop leadership skills that will help them make an impact in their schools and communities.  Coming from both urban, suburban, and rural schools, Summer Nexus participants build new bonds of trust and friendship through an interactive curriculum and by planning and implementing a community-focused service project. By using the new leadership skills they are learning, they discover what a difference they can make working together!

  • "Summer Nexus helped me prepare for life. The lessons taught me a lot about college, but also about decision making and problem solving. Our community service project helped me to take the initiative and practice these skills."

    Avon student (age 16)
    Avon student (age 16)

More about Summer Nexus

Through an overnight team-building retreat, interactive workshops, a tour of the capital city, direct interaction with community leaders and business professionals, and service learning activities, students in grades 10 through 12 gain a better understanding of themselves and their peers.

In addition to learning what leadership means today, they learn about public speaking, anti-bullying, social media responsibility, college prep, personal finances, appreciation for diversity, and more…all in a memorable, fun-filled environment.

Term: 7 Day Session in June
Target: High School Students Grades 10-12
Cost: $700
Financial Aid:
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2020 Program Dates:

June 21-June 27

Application Deadline: Ongoing – Applications will be reviewed and accepted based on the order of submission

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