Success Stories


  • "Quest journey has been amazing; I worked with a phenomenal group of leaders who brought their unique experiences and skill sets to the table. I was able to take little nuggets from each of them that I can apply in my journey towards becoming a future leader. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be part of such great work."

    Rashia Schand
    Rashia Schand Travelers

Hartford Encounters

  • “By participating in the Hartford Encounter tours, Cigna employees have been able to connect with the community and see the impact that Cigna leaders are having to improve the neighborhoods around us. Being a part of the community is good business, for so many reasons.”

    David Figliuzzi
    David Figliuzzi Chief Diversity Officer, Cigna

Third Age Initiative

  • “Being a long time resident of Hartford, I wanted to give back to the community I live in. I had not had any experience in nonprofit work, but I was fortunate to be on a team of people who had that experience. Our team goal was to establish parent engagement at the Burns Latino Academy. One of the initiatives that I suggested we try as part of our project was to create a coupon swap. The coupon swap encouraged parents to get together and become financially literate. My team was incredible! I was nervous the first time I facilitated a meeting, but other team members mentored me. I learned from them and developed more confidence. I am so amazed about how much I have learned.”

    Mary Eisenberg
    Mary Eisenberg Hartford

Executive Orientation

  • "As a seasoned professional, the Executive Orientation Program was tremendously valuable. It helped orient me to the community and make connections to others in the Greater Hartford business, arts, and cultural environment. It helped me to get grounded and feel like I had some people to reach out to and familiar faces to see when I go to local meetings. Well worth the time and investment!"

    Barry Simon
    Barry Simon President & CEO, Oak Hill

Leaders On Board

  • “Leadership Greater Hartford provides a tremendous opportunity to become engaged and closely partner with passionate organizations championing meaningful change through Leaders On Board. The program provides highly valued substantive training on foundational expectations and helps participants better understand the nonprofit business model and the key success factors for developing into a viable board member.  Regardless of background and experience, the program makes all participants feel comfortable and really energizes and strengthens motivation to get involved and make a difference. The program pivots to their Express Match where you’re able to converse one-on-one, in an open forum, with some incredible nonprofit organizations from the Hartford community, that you might not have otherwise come in contact with had you not been connected through this program.  Leadership Greater Hartford provides an invaluable service of working with smaller nonprofits who could definitely benefit from new board members.  If you’re looking for a way to get involved, Leaders on Board is a program I would highly recommend.”

    Bobby Nims
    Bobby Nims Project Leader, Cigna


  • “The most meaningful outcome of participating in LGH programs was that they helped me find my voice as an advocate for people suffering and recovering from addiction. I was able to gain the courage to open up about my own experience and recovery. LGH’s consistent support has inspired me to persevere through any hard times I may face. And it helps that LGH does a great job of keeping people involved! People who uphold similar values, like putting individuals first and modeling the way for others by being your best self in both highly stressful and everyday situations.”

    Kim Beauregard
    Kim Beauregard President & CEO, InterCommunity

Summer Nexus

  • "When I came into the summer nexus experience I didn't know what to expect but I hoped it would be a program where I could learn new leadership skills and network with other student and adult leaders and in my community. It surpassed my expectations and is honestly the best summer program I have ever participated in."

    Naieem Kelly
    Naieem Kelly Watkinson School Student

Common Ground

  • "Having the opportunity to be in such an life changing program has made me a better person. I'm overly grateful for all the adults that came to support and share wisdom, advice, and also generosity."

    Jerimiah Cole
    Jerimiah Cole Classical Magnet Student

Leading Off Campus

  • "Leading Off Campus impacted me both professionally and personally. It strengthened my confidence in my leadership skills and I continue to use valuable strategies from the program at work, in school and in my personal life, like the “goal sheet”, which helps me map out my goals and make them achievable. The program also influenced my decision to explore a career in community development. I highly recommend this program!”

    Ryan Faulkner
    Ryan Faulkner University of Connecticut Student
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