Speaking of Leadership…

A free, virtual program of Leadership Greater Hartford
to enhance high school students’  leadership development
and public speaking skills. This program is made possible
by the generous support of Eversource and The Hartford.

This program, offered in two units, is meant to supplement distance learning and distinguish students in the college application and employment process. Students will be challenged through short assessments and encouraged to apply what they learn to everyday life.

Why this program: Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH) has long been committed to enhancing the skill sets of the next generation of leaders.  During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a new way to continue this mission. By providing public and private schools in Greater Hartford with a free program for high school students, LGH can help young leaders acquire the skills and insights they need to succeed in school and in life.

As outlined in the Connecticut Elementary and Secondary Social Studies Frameworks from Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), civic values and civic participation are an integral part of the curriculum for high school students.


Program Staff:

Andre Santiago, LGH Vice President for Programs will provide facilitation and project management services for this offering. Mr. Santiago has been a member of the LGH staff since 2007. He is a certified Enneagram trainer and frequent facilitator in LGH’s Consulting & Training services.  Mr. Santiago earned his Masters of Organizational Leadership from Goodwin University, studied education at Central Connecticut State University and received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Connecticut. He currently serves on the board of directors for Hartford Decide$ and InterCommunity Health Care, is a City of Hartford LGBTQ+ Commissioner and is on the national board of the Association of Leadership Programs. He is a member of the 2016 class of Hartford Business Journal’s 40 under Forty and is a graduate of the Middle Management Institute with the City of Hartford.

Unit 1: Excellence in Leadership
From Tik-Tok to CEOs: Leadership Skills 101
August 3 – August 7

Unit 2: The Art of Effective Public Speaking
Confidence, Presence, and Energy
August 10 – August 14 

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Andre Santiago
Vice President for Programs


Unit 1: Excellence in Leadership

(Daily Hour Long Webinars)
August 3 – August 7

What is leadership?
Learning behaviors from role models

Leadership I: Model the Way
Principles & Ethics
Values light the way

Leadership II:  Inspire a Shared Vision
Envisioning a brighter future
How to motivate and inspire others

Leadership III : Challenge the Process
Challenging the status quo
Experimenting and taking risks
Learning from failure

Leadership IV: Empower Others to Act
Fostering collaboration
Helping others to shine
How to create high functioning teams
Leadership V: Encourage the Heart  
Showing appreciation
Demonstrating care and compassion
Personal Development Plan

Unit 2: The Art of Public Speaking

Strategies for building the skills, confidence and presence for student leaders

(Daily Hour Long Webinars)
August 10 – August 14

Public Speaking I
Introduction to Public Speaking
Why should leaders have effective presence?

Public Speaking II
Public Speaking Best Practices
Strategies to Boost Confidence

Public Speaking III

Verbal Delivery: Controlling your voice, diction, pace and rhythm.
Umm…Like…You know? Tips to avoid vocal fillers

Public Speaking IV
Nonverbal Signals
Body Language and Conveying Meaning

Public Speaking V
Connecting to the audience
Conveying emotion effectively
Putting it all together.

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