2020 Quest Curriculum Modifications

Recognizing that many of have increased work responsibilities, child care and home school obligations (plus the added stress of adapting and adjusting to this new normal!) Quest workshops will be shortened with additional session added.

Going forward, Quest workshops will be offered from 9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. via Zoom. Each session will start with check-ins from each task force and then move into content. The last 30 minutes – 1 hour will be devoted to task force time. We recognize that it is becoming increasingly harder for task forces to find time to meet and are committed to supporting your effort.

  • In early May, Dr. Doe Hentschel, Leadership Preceptor, will facilitate an Inspire a Shared Vision overview and exercise with each task force individually rather than bringing the full class together virtually. The exercises associated with this workshop will be best facilitated within the context of your task force.
  • Also in May, Mae will facilitate a session with each task force where we assess how well each group is functioning, what the current thinking is regarding projects, if there are modifications and/or strategies task forces can integrate, etc. This will be particularly important given the point of the Quest program cycle. Task forces were just beginning to “gel” when we when social distancing went into effect and we want to support your development and projects as much as we can.

Doodle polls will be sent out to come up with meeting times for task forces to meet with Doe as well as to have check-ins with Mae.  Please check your email for this.

The regularly scheduled Quest session on May 21st  from 9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. will focus on Challenging the Process. It will be a deep dive into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, drawing on the Courageous Leadership Series Leadership Greater Hartford has developed in recent months. Wendy Haverkamp from Moon Shadow Consulting and Karen Senteio, LGH’s Director of Consulting and Training, will facilitate.

Additional Leadership Development Opportunities

  • Leading in the New Now–  To respond to the evolving needs of our network, LGH is providing a free webinar series. This series will feature some of the best leadership minds locally and nationally, as we strive to support our community navigating this “new now.”  This series is FREE for you as part of your Quest membership. More information here. 


  • Lessons In Leadership – This is a reminder that Quest can participate in Lessons in Leadership at no cost. The next session, scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th will focus on how leaders can build and sustain culture in your group, and  strengthen a culture that needs fixing. Due to the current circumstances, this series will be offered as an interactive webinar presentation. Once registered, details to join in on Zoom will be sent via email. More information here. 


  • The Mental Health Awareness Task Force has offered to broaden their task force meetings to include other members of the Quest class who may be interested in sharing how they are feeling during these challenging days. They are truly modeling the way in how they are supporting their own mental health, sharing feelings of frustration, sadness, grief and disappointment. Not only will this be a way to continue connecting with other members of Quest outside of your task force, but is also an invaluable service. We are all struggling with social isolation, disappointments at work, cancelled plans and added stress. The Mental Health Task Force is fleshing out the details of how they would like to provide this service and we will share this information in the coming days. Thanks to the Mental Health Awareness Task Force for providing this innovation!

Networking Opportunities

  • Quest 2020 Virtual Happy Hour at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays. This is an optional, casual drop in Happy Hour where we can connect with one another, chat about how we are all doing during these turbulent days, share resources, have a laugh and enjoy “being with” another. A  Zoom invitation will be sent out.


  •  Guest speakers will be invited over the next few sessions as well including Quest 2019 alumni who can share how they brought their experience in Quest back to their workplaces and communities, and members of our community that can speak to the leadership practices we are highlighting.

2020 Program Dates

Jan. 16
Jan. 27-28
Feb. 20
Mar. 19
Apr. 23
May 21
June 18
July 23
Aug. 20
Sept. 24
Oct. 22
Orientation (Evening)
Overnight Opening Retreat

Mae Maloney
Senior Program Director


If you are interested in Coaching and have not yet scheduled a session, please feel free to email your coach directly or work through Destiny Davis to schedule. By way of reminder, coaches email addresses are listed below.

Dwayne Jackson, Dwayne.Jackson@leadershipgh.org

Dr. Doe Hentschel, Doe.Hentschel@leadershipgh.org

Andre Santiago, Andre.Santiago@leadershipgh.org

Karen Senteio, Karen.Senteio@leadershipgh.org

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