Our Visionaries

When the idea of a leadership program for Greater Hartford was first conceived in 1977, there were differing opinions about how it should be structured, how it should pursue its goals, and from where it would get its direction.

Our first program director, Bill Peele, after speaking with community leadership organizations from around the country, had the insight and conviction to build Leadership Greater Hartford around a participant-driven, community-focused model. It was a model intended to welcome perspectives from across the region: from businesses large and small, from the public sector, and from nonprofits in healthcare, education, and community action.

How fitting it was, then, that the individual who would lead our organization for thirty years would have come from the ranks of these participants: Ted Carroll, who was a Quest graduate.

  • "Over the last four decades, the region has made great strides and seen countless examples of effective civic collaboration. Leadership Greater Hartford has been one of the principal forces behind building a stronger civic infrastructure. The net result of these collaborative efforts is that our communities are healthier and more inclusive; these efforts contribute mightily to our ability to solve problems and to chart a future course that reflects the best thinking and interests of all."  

    Ted Carroll
    Ted Carroll LGH President

Another central to our growth and strength over the years is Doe Hentschel, Leadership Greater Hartford’s vice president, who joined us in 2000 after retiring from a career in higher education. Doe has been an innovator in adult and continuing education throughout her career and has brought invaluable energy and expansion to our leadership programming.

  • "Leadership is not about being in charge. It's about consistently giving the best you have to the work of the group and helping others do the same."

    Doe Hentschel
    Doe Hentschel

Ted Carroll has been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Hartford Business Journal, and named one of “Hartford’s 50 Most Influential Leaders” by Hartford magazine. He lives in Hartford with his wife Jane; their two children have chosen public service careers working in Hartford, where one works as an educator and the other as a practicing nurse.

Doe Hentschel was recognized by the Association of Leadership Professionals with the Preceptor Award, its highest honor, and has been inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. She has two grown children and four grandchildren, three of whom live in Preston, Connecticut, and one in San Diego.

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