Newsletter Archive

Once every few weeks, we reach out across our network of members and alumni to share news of their accomplishments, and to let them known what we’ve got planned in the future.

With this archive, you can get caught up on folks you know and those you haven’t met yet!

Tap into Your Strengths, Serve on a Board and Spread the Benefits  Enews – 1/22/18

Hartford is a Great City. So Why Don’t You Know It? Enews – 12/20/18

Are You Contributing to a Positive Climate? Enews – 11/29/18

It’s Time for Followers to Lead Enews – 10/18/18

Creating Climate Change that WORKS Enews – 9/20/18

Meet with Yourself to Manage Yourself Enews – 8/23/18

Model the Way for Tomorrow’s Leaders Enews – 7/19/18

We Need Parachute Packers NOW! Enews – 6/21/18

Turning Towards the Light Enews – 5/17/18

Hartford’s Groove is Coming Back! Enews – 4/19/18

The Power of Moments Enews – 3/15/18

Leading with Heart is Golden Enews – 2/15/18

Incorporating MLK’s Tenets in the Workplace Enews – 1/18/18

Let’s Start a Fire Enews – 12/14/17

Show Up and Speak Up For a Stronger Community – 11/16/17

Creating Game-Changing Partnerships Enews – 10/12/17

Do YOU Lead With Empathy Enews – 9/14/17

Are You On Board to Strengthen Your Community Enews – 8/17/17

Something to Celebrate – Citizen Involvement Enews – 7/20/17

Hartford – Getting Its Groove Back? Enews – 6/15/17

When Safe is Dangerous Enews – 5/18/17

Out of the Mouths of Millennials Enews – 4/20/17

Road Trip Anyone? Enews – 3/16/17

Lead More, Control Less? Enews – 2/16/17

In Loving Memory of Maggie Irving Eblast – 2/7/2017

New Year, New Newsletter Enews – 1/19/17

We Had a Blast Eblast – 1/10/17

Take A Peek – We Did It Together Eblast – 12/20/16

Making Spirits Bright Enews -12/15/16

Brimming With Opportunities Enews – 12/1/16

LGH Turns 40 Enews – 11/17/16

So Many Adventures, You Game? Enews – 11/3/16

Fall Into Leadership Greater Hartford – 10/20/16

Reunite, Reconnect, & Celebrate Eblast – 10/13/16

Will YOU Take The Challenge? Eblast – 10/10/16

And the Countdown Begins To Polaris Enews – 10/07/16

Helping You Connect Eblast – 9/27/16

LGH getting Cooler like the weather Enews – 9/22/16

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