Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To develop, connect and inspire diverse and effective leaders to build inclusive, vibrant communities.

Our Vision

Empowered and effective LGH participant leaders will drive transformative change, creating more just and caring communities.

Our Core Values

We believe that the potential for leadership resides within everyone and that it can grow if continuously nurtured.

We build healthy communities by developing and connecting diverse leaders committed to the common good.

We respect and appreciate the unique perspectives and contributions of all members of our community.

We forge alliances and partnerships to leverage diverse strengths and perspectives around shared interests.

We act as a catalyst to inform, develop and inspire people to take on meaningful leadership roles in the community.

Our Goals

  • Provide current and emerging leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in a changing world
  • Create a network that reflects and embraces the wide diversity of leadership within the community
  • Find common ground and undertake collaborative endeavors among people who come from very different experiences
  • Find ways of engaging members to take on important community leadership roles for the long haul
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