It’s widely recognized that a community is more than just buildings. Less well understood is the energy that it takes to establish, nurture, and expand the connections between people to bring the character of a community forward.

That energy is what we call leadership.

For over 40 years Leadership Greater Hartford has been bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to build the awareness and mutual trust needed to create constructive partnerships that serve the greater good.

By acting on these principles over the past four decades, hundreds of community impact projects have been completed; more than 600 employers have enriched the development of their staff and become involved with civic progress; 2500+ students from four dozen schools across the region have gained broader perspectives and wider circles of friends; more than 500 seniors gained the opportunity to continue giving back to the communities they’ve seen undergo so much change in their lifetimes.

Even beyond the direct effect Leadership Greater Hartford has had on our program participants, we are proud to maintain a broader role in the capital city’s continued development. We have collaborated with Hartford’s police and school departments to help facilitate broad dialogue and engagement between citizens, city government, businesses, and community organizations. Our programming has led to the appointment of over 700 new board members at 130+ different community-based nonprofits throughout the region.

In fact, participants of Leadership Greater Hartford programs, a third of whom are from minority populations, are nearly one-and-a-half times more likely to continue to volunteer in their community than the national average.

The buildings that shape Hartford’s downtown, neighborhoods, and surrounding towns will no doubt continue to change. Leadership Greater Hartford is committed to working with every constituency to ensure that the strength of our community grows with equal vigor.

Our program participants have completed more than 200 community impact projects.

We have trained and placed more than 700 individuals on more than 140 nonprofit boards.

Program graduates volunteer at a rate of 137% higher than that of the rest of the country.

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