Late-Career & Retirees

Nobody appreciates new experiences as much as those who’ve had a lifetime of them. Similarly, nobody has as much to give to the future growth of a community as those who’ve grown along with it. Hundreds of late-career professionals and retirees have been engaged in Leadership Greater Hartford programming over the years, and our participants are nearly one-and-a-half times more likely to volunteer than the average citizen.

If you have been thinking you can still make a difference — you’re right! We can help show you how.

Join with others in or near retirement to focus on areas of need within the community and work together to improve it for every generation.

Leaders On Board

Train to serve on the board of a local nonprofit. Join the hundreds of other Leadership Greater Hartford participants who have embraced the rewards and responsibilities of board membership.


Develop the background in nonprofit leadership to convert your decades of business or governmental management experience into the skills to lead in the nonprofit sector.

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