Threes believe that to be successful in life, you have to be efficient, productive, and task and results – oriented. Correspondingly, they also believe that:

  • time spent relaxing is wasted
  • challenging goals and unwavering commitment are essential to success
  • competition allows the best to rise to the top

These beliefs reflect an underlying set of values that focus on competition, challenge, results and recognition. These values are reflected in the way Threes think, feel and act throughout their lives, particularly in the work environment. At high functioning levels, they are superb motivators, who enthusiastically lead and encourage others to give their best. Sociable, charming, and confident, they inspire others to support them. They bring a “can do” attitude to life, and willingly share the recognition and rewards that accompany their successes.

In their pursuit of achievement and acceptance, Threes develop a resourcefulness that is not often matched by the other types. In their desire to achieve goals, Threes learn many ways to accomplish things, and can easily and quickly switch strategies when they realize the one they are using is ineffective.

However, when they are unable to manage their task load or the stress that it creates, Threes may become more intense in acting out their life strategy. Because they can equate so much of their identity with the image of success, the need to be seen as a winner may begin to dominate their thinking. If success is not complete, Threes will find a way to put a positive “spin” on the situation; even a failure can be turned into a triumph if presented in the right way. Performance, rising above and being judged by others as superior can become their major concern. They may be constantly comparing themselves with others in their quest for success. Tasks and achieving goals will tend to take precedence over relationships, and loved ones who feel left out may accuse them of being workaholics. Efficiency and productivity become primary strategies in achieving their goals, and an attitude of “you are either here to help — or you are in the way” may prevail. Self-promotion and presenting the right image become an integral part of their everyday behaviors.

Threes grow when they learn to get in touch with their feelings so that the image they present is in fact representative of who they really are. They grow, too, when they attend to the needs of others, as well as to their own.

At their best, Threes are outstanding leaders, who can accept and laugh at their own limitations without losing their ambition to be the best they can be. They are wonderfully effective role models who can inspire and motivate others to develop the very best in themselves.

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