Sevens are optimists who believe that to be happy, fulfilled, and productive, one should fully experience the many stimulating and exciting people and events that life has to offer. In the workplace, they also believe that:

  • happy people are productive people
  • routine work, lack of variety, and strict authoritarian structures or policies are counterproductive
  • optimism helps create the confidence required for achievement and accomplishment, future success, and profitability

These beliefs reflect an underlying set of values that focus on creative freedom, the new and the exciting, challenging opportunities, enthusiasm, optimism, and spontaneity. At high functioning levels, they blend their gifts of creativity, enthusiasm, and fearless exploration of the new with the realities of practical implementation. They are highly adaptable to new issues and think very quickly on their feet. They are able to connect disparate ideas in unusual ways to produce very creative results. They are a high energy, assertive type that thrives on challenges, new concepts, and problem-solving. They are high achievers who can motivate others by their sheer enthusiasm and exceptional creativity. They see endless possibilities in life that are grounded in reality, and become focused and committed to worthwhile and enduring endeavors.

However, when they allow themselves to become distracted by too many projects, follow through starts to suffer. Details are overlooked, and routine tasks of a job or project that become boring are put off. Talking, planning for, or seeking more enjoyable activities take precedence over completion of tasks already started. Decision-making can become unfocused and chaotic, as sudden changes in strategy become an outgrowth of having to juggle many activities at once. They may rationalize their mistakes and deny responsibility for unsatisfactory outcomes. Sevens tend to ignore authority and explicit instructions preferring instead the creative freedom to do things their way. Sevens are also a high-energy, joking type who, in their desire to lighten the atmosphere, can make others uncomfortable with both their energy and type of humor.

Sevens grow when they can commit to fewer projects and see them through, when they learn to listen to others, and when they curb their impulsiveness and avoid distractions from the task at hand.

At their best, they are original, adaptable, creative and considerable fun to work with. They devise innovative solutions to problems and are energized by high pressure, fast-paced environments. They bring a sense of joy and appreciation for life to their work and attract others who want to share their boundless energy and enthusiasm.

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