Nines believe that conflict and disharmony are counterproductive in any relationship and should be avoided at all costs. In the workplace, this translates to the ideas that:
  • a calm and harmonious environment is necessary for productivity
  • an organization that is managed according to logical, stated policies and procedures will run smoothly and function effectively.

These beliefs reflect an underlying set of values that focus on order and tranquility, an environment of tolerance and acceptance, and creating peaceful and calm climates. Nines are excellent listeners who are able to see multiple sides of an issue, often without aligning with any one. They are gifted mediators and negotiators who can bring disparate groups to common ground in order to resolve conflicts or disputes. Nines are often described as laid-back, non-judgmental, easy-going, and pleasant. These traits, which are an active expression of their need for calm, peaceful relationships, have a similar effect on others. Their non-threatening and open style calms and reassures others so that they can resolve their own conflicts.

However, their desire to avoid conflict and confrontation can lead to their having difficulty with decision-making, initiating activity and dealing with problems head-on. They can become too accommodating and passive, “tuning out” reality. They do not like to be pressured and can often get sidetracked as a means of avoiding an unpleasant or stressful situation.

Procrastination and lateness become habitual as the Nine decides to avoid or wait out an issue rather than confront it. These behaviors can lead to high levels of frustration in others who work or live with them. While the Nines like guidelines and procedures, they resist close supervision, and like to establish their own ways of getting things done. If others attempt to alter their style, Nines will rarely confront the issue directly, preferring instead to simply ignore those who may be pressuring them.

Nines grow when they learn to address conflict and resolve problems in a direct and timely fashion. They need to marshall the energy required to take responsibility for their lives and circumstances, which can begin with a commitment to self-discipline and working within schedules and deadlines.

At their best, Nines are highly attuned to their own agenda as well as that of others. Harmony and balance are achieved without sacrificing their own inner self. They are extraordinarily successful at bringing unlikely people together, harmonizing groups, and diffusing potentially explosive situations. People want to be associated with Nines, because they are unpretentious and accepting individuals who are at ease with themselves and others.

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