Enneagram Personality Profiler

The Enneagram is an internationally recognized system for personal growth that helps leaders optimize teamwork and collaboration. Far from pigeon-holing individuals within a narrow category, the Enneagram recognizes that each person is a complex combination of different personality styles.

To begin, complete the Enneagram Profiler, a tool that identifies the various personality styles you use. If you have a question or need assistance interpreting your scores, call us for an individualized consultation. We can help you understand your motivations, unique talents, and perspectives.

Participate in an Enneagram Workshop so you can learn how to work well with others, build effective teams, and produce better results. Our experienced trainers and coaches apply the Enneagram system to help your organization achieve its goals and priorities, enhance productivity, and improve morale.

Tony Ciccone
Director of Consulting & Training

To take the Enneagram Profiler, purchase a Enneagram key.

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