After years of working within a corporate or business setting, some people find that the time is right to put their experience to work by giving back to the community. Encore!Hartford provides a framework to help them transfer their skills and experience to managerial and professional careers in the nonprofit sector.

  • "There’s nothing more satisfying than having your work be something that you’re passionate about and something that improves the community that you live in. That’s definitely one of my favorite parts of making the transition to nonprofit.”

    Tracie Cloutier
    Tracie Cloutier Encore!Hartford Fellow

As participants learn how nonprofit organizations work, they also learn how they can bring their insights from the worlds of business and government into the nonprofit arena.  Connecting with nonprofits in workshops and an intensive hands-on fellowship provide a vital and exciting opportunity for professionals to re-shape their careers while building a stronger community.

  • "Receiving classroom instruction at different nonprofit locations several each week, we were able to develop hands-on experience and practical knowledge. One of the most positive takeaways from my experience is seeing the passion the staff has for the mission of the organization"

    Mario J. Chiappetti
    Mario J. Chiappetti Encore!Hartford Fellow

Complete information about Encore!Hartford application process is available on the University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program website.

More about Encore!Hartford

Encore!Hartford is a program of the University of Connecticut’s Nonprofit Leadership Program offered in collaboration with Leadership Greater Hartford; with support of AARP CT, and the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

Begun in 2010, the program selects up to 25 experienced professionals for an intensive five month experience.  Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of 15 years professional experience
  • A sincere desire to transition to work in the nonprofit sector

While candidates as young as 40 will be considered, the program’s goal is to create opportunities for professionals 50+ who would like to put their experience and skill-sets to work in a purposeful way.

A central element is an eight-week Encore fellowship in which the participant gains experience in the field at a host nonprofit.  Organizations interested in hosting a fellow can contact Mae Maloney, Leadership Greater Hartford Program Director, at 860-206-5072.

Term: Spring 2018
Target: Late Career
Cost: $3,950
Application Deadline: April 15, 2018
To Apply: Contact Linda Friedman

Linda Friedman
University of Connecticut

encorehartford-logo-with-border-best is a program of the University of Connecticut in collaboration with 

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