More than 600 organizations have introduced employees to our wide-reaching network of more than 25,000 professionals, where they develop relationships with peers in other sectors of the economy and forge bonds with the aspects of Greater Hartford that are meaningful to them.

The landscape of recruiting and retaining talent is more dynamic today than ever before. By imparting valuable leadership skills and providing a platform for individuals to connect and engage with the surrounding community and fellow professionals, Leadership Greater Hartford can be a valuable asset to your efforts to build and sustain effective teams.


Leadership Greater Hartford programming is founded on field-proven leadership models to develop individuals who are skilled at working with diverse teams, who can solve problems using participatory decision-making and creativity. Learning these skills in a context that incorporates community-minded task forces helps your employees gain a deeper appreciation for the Hartford area while they implement self-directed initiatives and work towards solutions. This process also opens opportunities for them to collaborate with peers from other industry sectors and establish a vital professional network.

Your organization can also tap into Leadership Greater Hartford to tailor programming that highlights your connections to the area, so that members of your teams understand how they fit into your broader efforts. From connecting you with a neighborhood or community organization to programming that supports the on-boarding of new executives, we can be a resource for creating positive community engagement.

People value and appreciate feeling a part of something meaningful; they want to grow as individuals and as part of a greater whole; they seek opportunities to make a difference as well as be exposed to different perspectives. We can help you deliver that value to the outstanding people within your organization.

Consulting & Training

To assist corporate, governmental, educational, and nonprofit entities take the lead in determining their own direction, Leadership Greater Hartford offers a variety of consulting and training services. Thousands of participants representing more than 600 different organizations have utilized the proven methodologies of our approach. Finding ways for groups to be more effective working together to overcome shared challenges has been central to our mission and expertise for decades.

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