Leading in the New Now: Equity and Inclusion: Moving From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces

Join us next week for our lunch-time webinar series, Leading in the New Now.

Equity and Inclusion: Moving FromSafe Spaces to Brave Spaces
With Elsie Gonzalez, CREC and Andre Santiago, LGH
Moderated by Biota Macdonald
Wednesday, April 28







Over the last year, individuals and organizations have begun to foster safe environments in which people can engage in open dialogue. However, as conversations continue, we wonder if these safe spaces are enough? Are they authentic? What do they lack? How can leaders go deeper to create spaces where all people feel safe, seen, heard and valued?

Brave spaces create an opportunity for discomfort and pain to be acknowledged and supported, not ignored or brushed over. This session aims to frame how leaders can create these spaces to begin conversations surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and more.

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