Chauvin Trial Verdict | A Message to the LGH Community

We know that statements pale in comparison to the work required to achieve our vision of reducing inequities through inclusive leadership. And we know that there is no true justice when a life has been lost, but yesterday’s verdict is a measure of accountability and we hope that this is just the beginning.

The senseless murder of George Floyd and countless others at the hands of law enforcement – coupled with bigotry, hatred, and blatant attacks on Black, Brown, and Asian people – has created immeasurable pain. We recognize this pain and hope that with more accountability can come healing.

While some equity conversations have unfortunately faded since last May, we hope this moment reminds all of us of the hard work required to make lasting change. The system that perpetuates acts of brutality does not change with a guilty verdict, and so we remain as committed as ever to create a more just and equitable Hartford region.

As our race equity partners at RE-Center have taught us: “We shouldn’t feel pity for people who experience racism, poverty, and trauma; nor should we simply encourage them to develop the grit necessary to endure or escape. Instead, we should collaboratively develop the skills to critically examine and transform the very systems which create & maintain oppression.”

To that end, we know this work is exhausting, multi-faceted, challenging, and uncomfortable. But it is what we must do. As Professor Eddie Glaude reminds us: Justice is a practice, not an end.

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