Leading in the New Now: Interview with Chris Duffy

Watch Chris Duffy’s (LGH President & CEO) interview portion of his Leading in the New Now workshop on adaptive leadership:

Chris graciously answered the questions from the session that time didn’t allow for:

How do you stay up to date on the latest learning and leadership trends?  Do you have book/magazine/blog recommendations? 

  • Ccl.org is a great resource.
  • I regularly receive valuable tips from McKinsey & Korn Ferry – two global consultancies where you can sign up for their email lists for free.
  • Most of my leadership learnings are from experiences, as well as trainings and grad programs I’ve gone through…
    • As an organizational psychologist, I joke and say that it depends – but that’s really true. Each client and leader I’ve worked with has different circumstances. Which means the advice that will have the best impact differs. We provide advice and trainings to organizations of all sizes and we’ll gladly have a complimentary discussion. Contact Rob George, our Consulting & Training Director, at rob.george@leadershipgh.org
    • If you’re to looking to deepen your knowledge, Goodwin University has a comprehensive accelerated master’s program in organizational leadership (This is where I teach as an adjunct, and we have many LGH staff/community members who can speak to you about this program as they have graduated from it).

What is one of your greatest/proudest moments as a leader (so far)?

  • As a volunteer firefighter/EMT, I have unfortunately seen a lot of tough moments, as I’m typically encountering people on one of the worst days of their lives. But my proudest moment was being part of a team that helped revive a patient in cardiac arrest, and that patient fully recovered!   

It’s tough to deal with office politics.  But it’s even tougher to deal with toxic environments (such as anger issues, animosity issues, backbiting, etc.).  Have you ever worked in such an environment?

  • Yes – and while they were painful periods, I have to admit that the absolute biggest learnings of my career came from those times. So keep your head up! What got me through:
    • A strong support network – people that I trusted, that knew me well, and that were outside of my organization… to give me perspective, pick me up, and also give me advice I didn’t want to hear.
    • Lots of reflection can be very helpful to assess the big picture, as well as analyzing the Lewin formula B=P+E … Behavior is a function of the person and their environment.
    • I was able to change my approach, which lowered my stress level, and I was also able to catalogue my next-step options. What’s your personal mission statement and how can you keep working toward that over the long haul?
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