Race Equity Advisory Council

Today is my first official day as President and CEO of Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH). I am proud to continue our 43-year legacy of strengthening the civic fabric of the Hartford region. It is an honor and privilege to lead such an extraordinary organization. Particularly, to lead this organization on the heels of Ted Carroll, a man I consider a close friend, mentor, and genuine community leader.

I know from my service on the LGH Board of Directors and through my participation in Quest, candid community input and honest evaluation is vital. They have always been key components of our strength as an organization. Over the past weeks, we have witnessed the continued pain of systemic racism in our region and our country. As community leaders, we know that Black Lives Matter and want to ensure we are doing our part to create a just society. We know that excellence in leadership involves inclusion of others, continuous improvement, sincere evaluation of that improvement, and courage. We also know these systematic injustices will not be solved overnight. However, as I reflect on my own ongoing learning about race, I believe it is important to form a team that can help propel our efforts.

One of my first decisions leading LGH is the formation of a Race Equity Advisory Council. This group will serve as an external, objective source of ideas in regards to LGH’s internal practices and external program offerings relative to racial equity and inclusion. These volunteers will offer recommendations regarding adaptations to current and future leadership offerings to address systemic racial inequality. This group will also help us as an organization evaluate how we can be more equitable and inclusive to all historically underserved communities. Our committed staff and Board of Directors will also continue to provide us with vital input on these matters.

The LGH Race Equity Advisory Council is comprised of diverse, multiracial, multigenerational individuals, with multiple social identities and includes LGH alumni and non-alumni members. These members also represent corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors and include social workers, educators, and coaches. Each member understands the importance of leadership and each holds a deep commitment to this community, which we all love. I am deeply appreciative for these volunteers giving their time, expertise, and perspectives during this time of crisis.

LGH Race Equity Advisory Council Members:

Tania Banks
Steve Borla
Aaliyah Campbell
Joel Cintron
Kendrick Constant
Sarah Cusick
Yahaira Escribano
Esaias Hayes
Krystina Jackson
Biota Macdonald
Monique Price-Taylor
Ronald Pierce
Joel Rivera
Devonn Smith
Brittney Yancy

Community feedback and involvement is central to our success as an organization. It is my hope that you continue to engage with us actively. Please feel free to reach out to myself, the LGH staff, or members of this newly formed council.

Thank you, all. I look forward to leading with you!

Chris Duffy

President & CEO
Leadership Greater Hartford

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