In Like a Lion

As the saying goes…

March comes “In like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

Two ends of the spectrum: On the one end, we have strength, and on the other, we have vulnerability.

Good leaders show strength and good leaders access their vulnerability.

Great leaders possess both of these seemingly paradoxical qualities.

Strength is required:

People will follow those who lead with confidence. They want to feel secure and that those leading the way “have it together.” If you boarded a plane and over the intercom came a voice filled with ambivalence, “Passengers, I feel okay about this flight today. I’m think I know what I am doing and I’m hoping for the best,” you would probably say, “Get me off this plane now!” People want to believe that those in charge know what they are doing. If they don’t believe in a leader’s competence, then they will find a different airline.

Vulnerability is essential:

Leaders want to be trusted. But trusting others…that’s a bit more challenging. Trusting others is perhaps the ultimate act of vulnerability. But thriving work environments are communities where everyone feels trusted and trusts everyone around them.  Without trust, we simply don’t feel safe.

We will explore this nuanced relationship between strength and vulnerability during the first session of our Lessons in Leadership series: The Circle of Safety.

There will be five standalone sessions, each inspired by Simon Sinek’s book, Leaders Eat Last.

  1. Tuesday, March 19: The Circle of Safety
    Presenter: Kent Schwendy
  2. Wednesday, April 3:  Courage to Do the Right Thing
    Presenter: Karen Senteio
  3. Tuesday, April 16:  Courage to Tackle the Abstract: Getting Real
    Presenter: Susan Lane
  4. Tuesday, April 30:  Challenges and Temptation: Culture is Everything
    Presenter: Marty Rotblatt
  5. Tuesday, May 14: Courage to Look Inward to Become A Better Leader
    Presenters: Ted Carroll and Mae Maloney

All sessions are 7:30 to 9:00 A.M. and are hosted by the Training & Conference Center (TCC) at The Chrysalis Center (255 Homestead Avenue, Hartford, CT). Parking is free and secure!   REGISTRATION is $40 per session or $200 for the entire series.  LGH dues paying members attend free! Join now to receive this benefit immediately:

LGH Alumni Membership: $100

$65 for alumni of The Third Age Initiative, Leading Off Campus, Common Ground and Summer Nexus.

Not an alum? Affiliate Membership is $150.

To register for one, several or all of these sessions, link here.  

This program is made possible through the generous presenting sponsorship of CIL with additional partnering support of Keating Agency Insurance and Seedership. HYPE is this program’s organizational partner.


Authored by Kara Fenn, LGH Vice President for Development and Marketing

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