Prescription for Leadership

Grab the noodle soup. Stock up on tissues. The cold and flu season has hit the region with the fury and force of a jet engine!  Health care providers prescribe rest, plenty of fluids, time off, and eventually you will be back to your old self, perhaps even healthier than before. Phew…crisis averted.

The health of leadership in our region is also constantly at risk. Mergers, talent retention, budget lines, oh my! All these stresses influence and attack the strength of leadership in nonprofit, corporate and governmental settings.

It is increasingly challenging to be a leader in any field. It is an uphill climb to bridge the divide between conflicting opinions to find common ground. And it is not easy to be committed to the needs of those in your organization while responding to the demands of a diverse, evolving economic landscape. Leadership: It is a huge undertaking; the stresses are daily and the work can feel impossible.

How can you maintain excellent leadership health? Or, as an emerging leader, how can you develop healthy leadership habits?  A different type of prescription is required– immediate surges of encouragement and booster shots of inspiration to keep you functioning at your best!

To that end, we invite you to join us, for a bit of inspiration and a “health boost” at our ninth annual Lessons in Leadership series. This year we will focus on Leaders Eat Last by the popular writer and TED Talk sensation, Simon Sinek, who tells us that true leaders “rush headlong into the unknown…”

These five standalone sessions will provide you with healthy doses of inspiration to keep your leadership systems running at their best.

  1. Tuesday, March 19: The Circle of Safety
    Presenter: Kent Schwendy
  2. Wednesday, April 3:  Courage to Do the Right Thing
    Presenter: Karen Senteio
  3. Tuesday, April 16:  Courage to Tackle the Abstract: Getting Real
    Presenter: Susan Lane
  4. Tuesday, April 30:  Challenges and Temptation: Culture is Everything
    Presenter: Marty Rotblatt
  5. Tuesday, May 14: Courage to Look Inward to Become A Better Leader
    Presenters: Ted Carroll and Mae Maloney

All sessions are 7:30 to 9:00 A.M.  hosted by the Training & Conference Center (TCC) at The Chrysalis Center (255 Homestead Avenue, Hartford, CT). Parking is free and secure!  

REGISTRATION $40 per session or $200 for the entire series.

LGH dues paying members attend free!
Join now to receive this benefit immediately:

LGH Alumni Membership: $100
$65 for alumni of The Third Age Initiative, Leading Off Campus, Common Ground and Summer Nexus
Not an alum? Affiliate Membership is $150.

This program is made possible through the generous presenting sponsorship of CIL with additional partnering support of Keating Agency Insurance and Seedership. HYPE is this program’s organizational partner.

To register for one or all of these series, link here.  


Authored by Kara Fenn, LGH Vice President for Development and Marketing

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