A Taskforce of Eight Passionate Leaders are Working with Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Bloomfield, CT

Fidelco partners men and women who are blind with their elite breed of German Shepherd guide dogs, empowering their remarkable clients to reclaim their independence and achieve their dreams and a fulfilling future.

  • Fidelco’s volunteers do everything from helping at the facilities to assisting with the socialization and care of the dogs, to undertaking fundraising initiatives. Each Fidelco volunteer plays an important role in supporting the mission.
  • People who volunteer for the Puppy Raiser Program enjoy a rewarding experience by loving and caring for the pups, participating in training/socialization classes and creating the groundwork for what will become an exceptional guide dog – with Fidelco as a partner every step of the way. The payback is boundless!
  • Help increase your company’s visibility and promote your corporate citizenship! As a Fidelco Partner, there are plenty of options for involvement for businesses of all sizes- and you’ll be recognized on their website, social media and in their quarterly newsletter, which will encourage their many supporters to recognize and support you.

“Every client has a story to tell. Every puppy has one waiting to be written…You are Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation’s partner in something inspiring – in a mission and community that helps people who are blind, and their families, live more independently and change the world around them…It takes two years, 15,000 hours, and $45,000 to breed, train and place every guide dog with the right client.”

We need your help to meet our Vision Quest!  If you and/or anyone you know would like to learn more about this amazing, life-changing mission of volunteering, puppy-raising or getting a Fidelco presentation into your corporation or small business, please reach out to us at VisionQuest@gmail.com for more information!  There’s no better example of a leader in this world than these amazing German Shepherds that are raised to help and guide human beings who need them – we all can learn a lot from them…don’t miss out!

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