Wake Up! Leadership Breakfast

Tuesday, November 13
7:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Shattering the Equity Leadership Gap…It Begins with Courageous Conversations

It’s time to move beyond having our workplaces simply be more diverse and inclusive.  It’s time to have courageous conversations on how to close the equity gaps that remain even in our most progressive workplaces.  Having conversations about the equity leadership gap at a time when people have retreated to comfortable and well-worn corners may be challenging, but it is exactly the right time and for exactly the right business reasons.

We will…

  • Discuss the Equity Leadership Gap challenge
  • Share the Courageous Conversation Agreements by Glenn Singleton
  • Witness an authentic dialogue about the equity gap in leadership
  • Practice using the Courageous Conversation Agreements to understand the role you can play in Shattering the Equity Leadership Gap

Regardless of the sector, there is an equity challenge that affects recruitment, profits, morale, employee satisfaction and retention. Join us for this conversation about how to have conversations that lead to shattering the equity leadership gap. It begins with courageous conversations that welcome discomfort and open the doorway for change.

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