Collaboration Key to Solving Community Problems

Hartford Business Article By Ted Carroll:

Our democracy is in trouble. We know that there are times in our local communities, and increasing examples at the national level, when gridlock sets in. As is painfully obvious in our national presidential campaigns, we do not always appreciate, respect or even listen to another’s perspective. We seem more interested in proving that our positions are right than in finding mutually agreeable solutions to our problems. We seem to forget how essential it is to find common ground. Long after elections are settled, we are still engaged in what has been termed “hyper-partisanship.”

So what can we do to change this? How do we engage in respectful, inclusive and collaborative conversations, at least at the local level? For the past 40 years Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH) has been at the helm of bringing people together from different parts of the community, to foster their leadership skills, and help them apply those skills to tackle these tough civic and civil challenges….

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