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Every college student knows that success after college takes more than just a high GPA.  Finding that perfect job requires demonstrated leadership plus community connections. Leading Off Campus provides students with an opportunity to engage with diverse, yet like-minded, student leaders from other area colleges and build additional credentials beyond their classroom experiences.

The program recognizes students who have demonstrated leadership within their campus community as well as academic success. As these students near degree completion, Leading Off Campus helps introduce them to the many ways leadership takes shape outside the academic world. This program will teach them as much about the community as it will about themselves and will empower them to continue their leadership journeys.

More about Leading Off Campus

The semester-long program includes workshops and team meetings on Friday afternoons. The opening workshop includes a tour of the city where students will meet community leaders to learn about the assets and challenges of the city.  These experiences inform the community impact projects that the student teams will develop and implement during the program.

Students are nominated by campus faculty and staff and must:

  • Be near degree completion
  • Have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Be currently enrolled full or part-time (traditional and non-traditional students are welcome)
  • Have demonstrated leadership experience on campus and/or in the community



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