Leading Off Campus

Even college students want to show up to support and strengthen the Greater Hartford region! So how do we attract and retain them here after they graduate? That is the million dollar question that every employer  wants answered.

Leading Off Campus recruits students who have demonstrated leadership within their campus community as well as academic success. As these students near degree completion, the program helps introduce them to the many ways leadership takes shape outside the academic world. Leading Off Campus teaches them as much about the community as it does about themselves and empowers them to continue their leadership journeys right here in our region.

Are you an employer who values initiatives that attract and retain millennials? Learn more about Leading Off Campus and about how you or your company can sponsor this life-changing program.

Interested in being a sponsor?  Know any college student juniors or seniors interested in expanding their leadership into the community? If so, contact Andre Santiago at 860.206.5067 or andre.santiago@leadershipgh.org.

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